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Ya Never Know Who Your're Talkin To...................

Most days I ride my bike to Stoners Surf Camp ( We keep our boards at Stoners which is Pompis place..... a restaurant and surf camp/school on Borrego Beach here in San Blas, Mexico. I can usually be found in one of the hammocks if I'm not in the water or on the beach.

I have found that many tourists sort of gravitate to "the gringo surfer dude" for information or more often I simply see their confusion and walk over to introduce myself. I have met many interesting and very cool people just hangin out at the surf camp. Loads of good times, cooking fish on an open fire, conversation, cervesas, cookies, board repair.... you name it.

This week it was Brad from Canada. Really cool guy. I hooked he and his friend up with board rentals Saturday. I noticed Brad in a yoga position meditating before he went in the water with the board.... his friend was hitting on some french girl on the beach.

When Brad came in I asked him how long he had been meditating. We talked about meditation and how it changed his life.... he couldn't believe I learned to meditate in a college class when I was about 18 or 19 and I have been meditating ever since. Brad spoke my 'language' and we spoke about manifestation, paradigm shift, surfing, yoga, you name it. A cool dude.

Gayle and I saw Brad around town a few times. Last night I saw him at Wala Wala which is a restaurant downtown. He was using the internet and I was picking up some dinner for us to bring home. I wanted to give Brad my email and phone number because we got along pretty good and since I was leaving for Florida the next day I wouldn't see him until he returned or we crossed paths elsewhere. He gave me his card which had a web address. I checked out his website today . Be sure to copy/paste and check it out. You just never know who you are going to meet on the beach here. Thanks Brad! You are one cool dude and I don't pass that to anyone.

It turns out this dude has been interviewed for his unique work in the world by nearly 100 media outlets on T.V, radio, online blogs, videos. His TV appearances include a weekly slot on Chek TV’s, “Island 30” and having “Good Morning America” play his Youtube hit, “the Gratitude Dance.” He also hosted his own radio show called, “Manifesting Awesomeness” for 9-months on Voice America in 2008. He has another website which was part of his Good Morning America appearance. I feel ya Brad!

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  1. Hey The Surfer Life,
    This is such a great story, it really reminds me of our new documentary coming out called, "American Bear: An Adventure in the Kindness of Strangers" where two filmmakers travel for two months relying on the kindness of strangers to house them every night! You really never know who you are going to meet, but it's amazing how connections are made. Thanks for the tip, and I will certainly check out cowabunga life!