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Bang....Bang............. San Blas, Nayarit

Last night I heard the cannon again. About five or six rounds of fire. I've heard it before... our first night here in January. At the time, I thought the cannon was fired at night as a notice for everyone that hey it's time we are closing down the streets. Then in the morning I heard it again..... Of course this has to mean wake up and go about your daily business. A public alarm clock! 

 This went on for two or three days during which time I noticed the number of times the cannon exploded diminished one shot each time. That's when I asked around to find out what the explosions were about. I should have known it wasn't a notice to clear the streets or a community alarm clock. 

 It turns out the blasts are used to notify the entire town that a party is coming soon. 5 blasts = 5 days until the celebration, 2 blasts=2 days etc. So...... take notice, coming November 1 & 2 is The Day of the Dead celebration. The holiday is a two day event which focuses on the gathering of friends and family to pray for and remember those whom have died. It's thought to be similar to Halloween but the two holidays have little in common. Here in San Blas there will be a large party in the town square with live music and of course fireworks.  

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