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Three Rules For Bicycles............ In Mexico

Rule number ONE.......ALWAYS LOCK THEM UP!!!
Rule number TWO........LOCK YOUR DAMN BIKE!!

Last week I went surfing in the morning and as always I rode my bike to the beach.  When I came home I left my bike (the green machine) in the carport in front of my truck.....unlocked.  Later that afternoon, I rode the bike to the market and parked the bike in the same spot....unlocked.  I left it unlocked with the intent of going back to the beach around 4pm for the afternoon surf session however, I never left the house again and never went back downstairs to lock up my bike.  Well, when morning came I went down to the carport to ride to the beach and my bike was gone... Stupid me. Gayle's bike was still there, locked up of course.  I told some of my surfer buddies what happened and they seem to think I'll get it back when they see someone riding it in town.  I loved that retro 1971 Schwinn Breeze w/original green and white seat. It was stupid on my behalf forgetting to lock her up.  Oh well, I guess it's time to say goodbye to the green machine. 

This is my new beach cruiser on my back patio (Rule #3).  I bought her from a friend of mine, Armondo (250 pesos which is about 20 bucks).  It needed brake pads which I picked up for 8 pesos (65 cents) at the hardware store next to the Market. The blue bag on the seat is to keep the rain off of the ripped up seat plus, it blends it in with the other bikes around town.  She has electrical tape on the forks and handlebars to protect from rust.  It's primer grey like so many bikes around here....kinda makes you wonder... My green one is probably primer grey now.  Thanks for the deal on the bike Armondo.  It's my primary mode of transportation....I know the transaction helped us both out. 

 Armondo works for one of the restaurants on Borrego beach a couple of doors down from Stoners Surf Camp.  I met him back in January when we were looking for a place to live.  Armondo speaks English, French and Spanish so I asked him to translate for me while I negotiated the price of the Palapa on the beach.  That's how Armondo and I met back in January 2010.

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