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Bricks and Wood.......... San Blas, Mexico

The saying goes: 'Everything takes longer in Mexico.' We are unpacked, but everything is not put away yet. We've measured the walls we want to create board and cinder block shelves on. Cinder blocks? No cinder blocks sold in San Blas. I was able to find a locally made thick brick, 11" x 7 " x 4". Stacked, these will do very nicely. 

 I saw the blocks, which were “hand made” as they were drying in a small field near the store that sells them. I didn't realize the store was near when I saw the bricks drying in the field. There was sort of a security guard guy in a small “guard shack” for lack of a better way of explaining it. I woke him up and asked about the bricks in my broken Spanish. Vende? Pointing to the bricks drying in the field...Donde es la "brick" mercado? The guy pointed down the street so off I went on my bike to find the store. 

2 pesos each which is about 16 cents U.S.  The wood.... The 14 boards we want for shelves were quoted at a cost of around US $140+ (dollars). The wood here is cut to the requested size from the tree!! No kidding! 2x4's are actually 2x4 and cut from a tree while you watch and wait. It was a cool place.  I needed 1x12” boards in a metric nation, however many meters that is. Thankfully the tape measure I have has the metric system calibrated as well so I pointed on the tape to the measurements I needed. I decided not to buy those boards yet, allowing time so i can drive into Tepic to check there for pricing, about 45 minutes, but seems a long ways by San Blas standards. 

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